Battersea Power Station
Latest: Battersea Power Station | 01 Sep
Thanks to finger-on-the-pulse Mr Tyler, we managed to catch the third of four opening days of the derelict and soon to be redeveloped Battersea Power Station. There are all kinds of plans to turn this listed building into apartments and hotels and other swankpads, including a (highly unlikely) Northern Line extension. But I was there for some abandoned industrial action.

The station has pretty much been left as it was since it was abandoned, though most of the machines have been removed and the roof has been pulled off. That was in 1983 when some property developer bloke thought he'd make London's equivalent of Alton Towers, but only got as far as ripping the roof off before running out of money. Stoopid.


Ken's house!
Ken's lovely Fosterised house. Non of this Boris Johnson nonsense.
Camping. Encore une fois
We went camping, and my long suffering friends were subject to a lot of lens-in-the-face action. And it were blummin' cold!
I went to Kew and played it safe with some macro shots. tiltviewer version
Random Portraits
A gallery of random portraits over the past year.
Click the image to buy photographs from the Motif concert.
Pride London
I happened upon Pride London whilst visiting a friend, and through good fortune had my camera.


Toulouse ||| part one
The first couple of days lazing by the pool.
Toulouse ||| part two
Auch and pool jumping. And that botanic garden place with the massive black bees.
Toulouse ||| part three
Our last couple of days; JiM and group horsing around.
Toulouse ||| part four
Some shots that didn't make it into the first three sets.


Rochester is bonkers
The lovely Georgina and I went to Rochester. It was a bit mad.
A weekend in the Kentry
We went to stay at George's estate.
Some photos of my mum's cats after they arrived in France.
Robin did some jumping around and general hooliganism.
Australia 2006/07
Feature | Australia 2006/07
A special series covering my recent trip to Australia, including my grandmother's wedding!
Phil eats his diary
Apparently it tasted like chicken
Dragonboat Racing (revisited)
A revisit (and arguably, improvement) of the original Dragonboat series.
Dave finds a new way to steal photos...
I went to Limoges with Lizzie. I got ill :o(
They ripped down our ceiling!
Oxford Sunday
A lazy Sunday in the Botanic gardens.
It took six months, but here they are (finally!)
Wales Camping
We went camping... in Wales. We went down a mine. It was awesome.
Some photographs from a lazy Sunday outing with Pete and our Nikons.
Cowley Road Carnival
When Tom and Monster came to play in Oxford
Oxford Botanic Gardens
A very hot day in the Botanic Gardens in Oxford
I went to Paris. Here are the photos. They are French
Wobbly man
Take two artists dummies and one boring Sunday...
Dragon boat racing in Abingdon. People fell in. I laughed. I will go to hell.
Caught in a rare moment when the neighbours weren't trying to steal her.
Dom with his guitar
Photos from Christmas 2005. It was very warm.